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How to put together the perfect board, and how to compute your building's tax bill.

Two Co-ops, Two Flip Taxes, One Goal

Written by Bill Morris on March 29, 2017

Jackson Heights

Boards defend a tool that prevents speculation, enhances stability, and raises money.

How can a condo get by without a super or a property manager? And who's responsible when a worker is injured in a common area?

New York City real estate's generation gap.

The Art Deco Washington Plaza echoes conversion stories from the 1980s.

A decade-long, generational war has finally ended in a group of Queens co-ops.

A Bag of Cash Rebates for Cogen Projects

Written by Jennifer V. Hughes on April 26, 2016

Jackson Heights

Take your pick and start saving energy – and money.

Turning Captured Steam Into Gold

Written by Jennifer V. Hughes on April 08, 2016

Jackson Heights

Is cogen right for your building?

Leaks and the LPC: Fixing a Landmarked Facade

Written by Tom Soter on January 20, 2016

Jackson Heights

The Monroe was leaking. It was frequent. It was irritating. And it had to stop.

The six-story, 82-unit cooperative at 35-21 79th Street in Jackson Heights, Queens, had been built in 1947 and had seen better days. The building had a number of capital problems that needed fixing - the elevators were constantly breaking down, the stucco on the exterior facade was cracking, and the roof was leaking. The Monroe sits in a landmarked neighborhood, which meant the board needed to get approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) before it could proceed with work.

When a woman whom we will call Jane Smith moved into Donner Gardens, a 270-unit co-op in Jackson Heights, Queens, in 2001, she was dismayed to learn that the co-op's sponsor, Muss Development, still owned nearly half of the shares some 15 years after the five-building property's conversion from a rental to a co-op. "When I got here, they hadn't been living up to their end of the agreement — which was to sell units," says Smith, a school administrator in the South Bronx, who got elected to the co-op's board of directors in 2007. "We ended up taking legal action against the sponsor, and they told us they were thinking about selling all of their units."

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