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The horse may have left the barn, but at least someone is finally closing the barn door.

A pair of 50-story riverfront towers may be joining an even taller twosome.

The Little Co-op That Could (Remain Affordable)

Written by Bill Morris on May 17, 2016

Lower East Side

An HDFC co-op resists the trend to cash in on soaring apartment prices.

A Co-op's Long Legal Nightmare Is (Finally) Over

Written by Bill Morris on May 13, 2016

Lower East Side

Seward Park settles dispute over 1999 parking garage collapse.

 A second tall tower is set to rise at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge.

Katz’s Deli survives by selling two properties and air rights for $17 million.

New wrinkle in the sale of AIDS hospice to luxury condo developers.

This story just keeps on giving.

Nursing facility sold on the sly to luxury condo developers.


In 2014, more than 10,000 plug-in cars were on the road in New York State. That number is projected to triple by 2018 and reach 1 million by 2025. It would be natural for an enterprising co-op or condo board to sense an opportunity. After all, someone has to charge all those cars.

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