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First Steps When Disaster Strikes

Written by Frank Lovece on December 12, 2017

Greenwich Village, Manhattan

A co-op board navigates the immediate aftermath of a devastating fire.

Developer wants to replace 420 affordable co-op units with new buildings.

Local buyers outnumber foreign investors at new Greenwich Village tower.

If boards follow the governing documents, alteration agreements are hard to fight.

The list of usual suspects – dogs, music, parties and sex – just got longer.

Buying the land the building sits on was key to this co-op’s success.

There Are Limits to Co-op Boards’ Powers

Written by Lisa L. Colangelo on March 09, 2017

Greenwich Village

Court rules that co-op board “unreasonably” blocked transfer of dead woman’s shares.

Greenwich Village noise dispute leads to $750,000 lawsuit.

Some sponsors actually sell apartments and relinquish power.

Board Power: Its Sources, Its Uses, Its Limits

Written by Stuart Saft on December 06, 2016

Greenwich Village

Today’s boards owe a debt of gratitude to Ronald Levandusky and his kitchen.

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