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Lawsuit filed after a therapy dog “viciously” mauls a much smaller canine neighbor.

Mining the Gold in Your Garage

Written by Paula Chin on June 12, 2017


A co-op learns the importance of being able to reset the rent on its parking areas.

Memo to apartment buyers: read the offering plan, and beware.

A New Tool in the Condo Collection Kit

Written by Frank Lovece on April 25, 2017


Co-ops have more leverage, but there are ways for condos to collect arrears.

Condo Boards Have a New Tool for Collecting Arrears

Written by Frank Lovece on April 07, 2017


Court ruling gives condo boards a new way to evict delinquent unit-owners.

A Land-Lease Can Kill a Co-op

Written by Paula Chin on March 28, 2017


A Chelsea co-op dissolves after the land is sold out from under it.

Trend of gallery closings near the High Line appears to be ending.  

New galleries on the way as part of luxury condo developments.

Chelsea unit-owner who stopped paying common charges is shown the door.

Supreme Court petition fights 11-story building rising over church.

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