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FEMA Extends Superstorm Sandy Proof-of-Loss Insurance Deadline

Kathryn Farrell in Co-op/Condo Buyers

Long Island, New York City, New York State

Nassau County superstorm aftermath. Photo by Andrea Booher for FEMA.
Aftermath of superstorm Sandy in Nassau County, Long Island

According to Stephannie Ciantro, a claims manager at Mackoul & Associates, this extension applies to co-ops and condos, but only those “insured who already sent in a claim [that was] denied or paid, or had additional damages or repairs.”

Previous extensions This is how it works: Say your building has damage, and, based on your claim, your insurance company only pays for a portion of the repairs. You can then send in paperwork showing the difference between what your damage actually was and what the insurance company accepted. Or if, after fixing the damage approved by the insurance company, you find that there was even more damage, you can submit paperwork (receipts, canceled checks) showing that your building is entitled to more money.

According to the bulletin from David L. Miller, associate administrator of the Federal Insurance & Mitigation Administration, which manages the National Flood Insurance Program, policyholders have already been granted two extensions to file their paperwork. With this latest extension, they are allowed to submit proof of loss and supporting documents for any additional claims almost two years after sustaining Sandy-related damage.

Take timely action Property owners holding out for even more time should brace themselves, however. According to the memo, this additional six-month extension will enable policyholders to present their claims in a timely manner. Miller cautioned: "FEMA does not anticipate issuing any further extensions of the deadline to submit a proof of loss."

"They most likely won't [extend] it again. It's extremely rare," notes Ciantro.

Policyholders must use a Proof of Loss form (downloadable here) to support the amount they are claiming under their policy; it must then be signed and sworn to, and submitted with supporting documentation. The policy covers structures and any personal property contained within that was damaged or destroyed by floodwaters.

Any policyholder whose Standard Flood Insurance Policy was issued by a Write Your Own program-participating insurance company should contact his or her insurance adjustor or the carrier directly to find out the proper address for submitting the Proof of Loss with supporting documentation.


Photo of Nassau County superstorm aftermath by Andrea Booher for FEMA. Click to enlarge.

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