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Apartment Owners and Buyers: 

Buying a NYC co-op or condo apartment is one of the biggest investments you'll every make. This purchase is more than just buying a home, it's investing in a housing corporation. Articles, here, will help you understand what your investment really means, and how to make a safe one.
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Unhappy buyer claims pricey East Village condo is riddled with defects.

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Co-op and condo prices rose 7% in 2021 to second-highest level in three decades.

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Brisk market and COVID-19 are causing delays in closings.

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Gov. Kathy Hochul has proposed new tax breaks for affordable housing.

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Despite the wave of omicron infections, fourth quarter sales soared. 

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Closings will surpass 40,000, up 79% over last year. 

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Bill before City Council sparks vigorous pushback.

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Co-op and condo buyers treasure private outdoor space now more than ever.

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The pandemic has sharpened the appetite for outdoor space.

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It's not just the Manhattan market that's making a rebound.

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Learn all the basics of NYC co-op and condo management, with straight talk from heavy hitters in the field of co-op or condo apartments

Professionals in some of the key fields of co-op and condo board governance and building management answer common questions in their areas of expertise

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