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Buying a NYC co-op or condo apartment is one of the biggest investments you'll every make. This purchase is more than just buying a home, it's investing in a housing corporation. Articles, here, will help you understand what your investment really means, and how to make a safe one.
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The probing can go all the way down to the buyer's credit-card debt.

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Sales are not final until a deposit is paid and a contract is signed.

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With New Website, Cryder House Co-op Leaves the Stone Age

Written by Bendix Anderson on December 19, 2019

Whitestone, Queens

State-of-the-art website will help market units to younger buyers.

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All-cash buyers are dwindling amid a supply glut, low interest rates.

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Legislators overwhelmingly approve deadlines for action on purchase applications.

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Bad timing: 421-a abatements are being phased out in a soft market.

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The Williams is evacuated as residents move to East Harlem.

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Sales of luxury condos are falling in New York and other global cities.

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Boards are softening rules to lure buyers away from glitzy condos.

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In a reversal, state will allow anonymous LLCs to purchase condos.

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