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Minimizing Homeowner Discomfort by Smart Scheduling of Elevator Work

Ronda Kaysen in Board Operations on February 21, 2013

New York City

Feb. 21, 2013

For a building with more than one elevator, urge residents to stagger their commute schedule so the only operating elevator isn't overloaded at 8 A.M. Residents should also avoid renovations or work like carpet cleaning during the upgrade. Some boards go so far as to restrict renovations entirely during an elevator repair project.

Ask residents to avoid moving in or out of the building during that period. If a move does have to happen and one elevator is still working, place a porter in the elevator to keep it running to other floors when the movers aren't using it. But, by and large, property managers try to keep moves from happening during the upgrade. "We try to avoid it like the plague," Anton Cirulli, managing director of Lawrence Properties, says of move-ins.

If a building has more than one elevator, schedule maintenance for the working elevator before the modernization project begins. It reduces the chance that both elevators could be out of service simultaneously, a situation that would guarantee a flood of angry phone calls from residents. 

Consider the culture of the building when scheduling work. If residents tend to vacation during the summer, that could be an ideal time to take an elevator out of commission, as fewer residents will be around. And residents tend to be out most of the day in the warmer months and home less. However, the summer is also hot and for the residents who are home, climbing several flights of stairs on a steamy August day can be miserable. So, the more temperate fall or spring seasons are a good alternative. Avoid doing the work during the winter or the holidays when everyone is bundled up and walking up six flights of stairs can be a greater discomfort.


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