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After a year of intense grassroots efforts, the board at New Hampshire House took out a $3 million loan to repair the building's facade.

Queens Co-op’s Mortgage Refi Rejuvenates Reserve Fund

Written by Bill Morris on August 25, 2021

Rego Park, Queens

After cost overruns on facade repairs, low interest rates rode to the rescue.

A Co-op's Basement Goes From Mess to Amenity

Written by Bill Morris on March 14, 2018

Rego Park, Queens

Spring cleaning takes on new meaning at this Queens co-op.

A Condo Loan That Softens the Sting of Assessments

Written by Bill Morris on July 05, 2017

Rego Park, Queens

By spreading payback over years, boards can get cash in hand to do capital work.

The perfume and the music of an untended cat (or cats).

Looks like Flushing isn't the only Queens neighborhood getting fancy condos. A new upscale condo, reports DNAinfo, is being constructed in Rego Park — a neighborhood that has "recently experienced an infusion of luxury buildings." The developer, Yin Hu, tells DNAinfo that the seven-story, 65-unit building at 65-38 Austin Street and slated to be completed sometime next year will also have a gym, rooftop garden, and bicycle room. And that's not all! The building will also get an indoor parking garage with space for 55 cars. How much will units go for? Well, mum's the word on prices, but we can guess it will be a smidgen more than the affordable prices the neighborhood has been known for. Keeping that luxury market happy. 

It was a rubber mat that allegedly tripped Rita Brady — and may eventually trip up a co-op board in Rego Park, Queens. It just goes to show that when your contractor leaves hard marble slabs just laying around in the common area for anybody to fall into that the co-op or condo might still be responsible. For the cost of a new rubber mat, a co-op complex of over 2,000 apartments may find itself so broke it has to write rubber checks.

It's one thing to read about co-op or condo board officers' duties and responsibilities. But only another board officer can tell you what it's really like. In our ongoing series "Board 101," we present three co-op board treasurers sharing some of the most significant and even amusing things they've learned about taking on the role.

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