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Combined unit at the Oxford is making news in a middle-class Queens enclave.

After posting bail, Glenn Hirsch was allowed to return to the Amherst co-op, infuriating fellow shareholders.

SmartCompost pilot program takes off in Queens and downtown Manhattan.

A rare contemporary echo of a major trend from the 1980s.

Inflation is squeezing a prime tool to pay for capital projects.

Co-op’s lawyer and district attorney protested release on $500,000 bail.

Bell Park Gardens’ $20 million capital project delayed by due diligence.

Boards need to start preparing for a future without gas-powered vehicles.

Queens Co-op Supers to Get $130,000 in Unpaid Wages

Written by Bill Morris on March 17, 2022

Flushing, Queens

Attorney General cracks down on co-op that gave supers a free apartment but no pay.

Solar panels and radiator upgrades will cut carbon emissions — and costs.

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