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The estate of Philip Seymour Hoffman is being sued by the late actor's downstairs neighbors, Gene Hoffnagel and his wife, Anna Erdelyi, over water damage they allege happened in June 2011 from a kitchen-sink leak. According to court documents cited by the New York Daily News, Hoffman — who used his fourth-floor apartment at Pickwick House, at 35 Bethune Street in Manhattan's West Village, as an office and guest home — had assured the couple his insurance company would pay for the $87,329.60 damages to their condo apartment.

Recent news affecting co-op / condo buyers, sellers, boards and residents. This week, a co-op board didn't want to let a diabetic senior with Parkinson's disease have air conditioners since, really, what's more important? Your life and health or your building's aesthetic profile? Elsewhere, a hedge-fund giant wants what he wants at his condo's pool — but can he fight the condo's moms and win? In Tribeca a gym is out, in Greenwich Village Philip Seymour Hoffman's last apartment is on sale, and in NoMad — yes, NoMad, that's a thing — there's a high-tech condo called Huys, pronounced "house." Plus, here's what'll happen at your own apartment huys if workers go on strike.

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