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It's Time To Be Flexible With Commercial Tenants

Written by Ann Farmer on October 19, 2020

Murray Hill, Manhattan

Co-op and condo boards are getting creative to keep tenants in place.

Tudor City’s Terra Cotta Lions Are Cracking

Written by Bendix Anderson on August 07, 2019

Murray Hill, Manhattan

Woodstock Tower must replace many of its aging decorative flourishes.

The Windsor Tower Co-op Board Doesn’t Cut Corners

Written by Bill Morris on October 26, 2018

Murray Hill, Manhattan

"We see the importance of getting quality."

For Murray Hill Crescent board, no savings are too small.

Murray Hill Crescent’s treasurer knows where every dollar goes.

Your Super Can Make or Break a Capital Project

Written by Bill Morris on July 31, 2017

Murray Hill, Manhattan

A good working relationship between the super and the contractor is crucial.

“Nobody ever says, ‘There wasn’t a fire in the laundry room today!’”

The Unseen, Unsung Heroics of a Super

Written by Bill Morris on April 04, 2017

Murray Hill

“The unseen stuff a super does every day prevents catastrophes.”

There are ways to share the heavy lifting and avoid board burnout.

Summer’s here – and so are complaints about noisy co-op and condo playgrounds.

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