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DOB approves robots that provide photographs, videos and thermal imaging.

Begin with a budget that can pay for the desired scope of work.

Few boards appear willing to welcome unvaccinated trick-or-treaters.

A New Tech Tool if Co-op and Condo Staffs Go on Strike

Written by Bill Morris on October 21, 2021

New York City

Resident ID’s go digital, a major relief for property managers.

What To Do When “Temporary” Co-op Residents Grow Roots

Written by William D. McCracken on October 19, 2021

New York City

The building’s culture should guide co-op boards as the pandemic wanes.

The pandemic has sharpened the appetite for outdoor space.

New system is designed to bring federally backed premiums in line with risk.

Contractor’s lack of experience led to big problems on a big job.

Here are three steps toward building a solid relationship with the property manager.

Smaller co-ops and condos will need help from lenders and the government.

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