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Sika Sarnafil EcoSmart Reflective Roof Membrane

As we've written in this space before, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Heat Island Group has found that a white, reflective roof can reduce energy use by about 20 percent in hot, sunny weather, and that even in winter the amount of heat savings you lose is at most just 30 percent of the summertime savings.So, granted, like any capital project it may take a while to recoup your investment, but ... if you're replacing your roof anyway, a white roof such as this or other systems is the sensible way to go.

Moreover, the EcoSmart roof membrane — manufactured in the USA by Sika Sarnafil division of the Swiss corporation Sika — also helps your building go green and acquire LEED credits in two ways: First, it contains to 13 percent post-industrial recycled content; and secondly, the company makes it easy for some future board at your co-op or condo to have your EcoSmart membrane be itself recycled when it reaches the end of its useful life. And Sika Sarnafil even helps you reduce landfill waste through a membrane-trimmings program that retrieves scraps and trimmings from the construction site.

The EcoSmart utilizes a thermoplastic membrane, Styrofoam-brand insulation from Dow Building Solutions and gypsum roof board to produce what the company calls "one of the longest-lasting, most ecologically responsible roofing systems available." Even allowing for company pride, the independent British Board of Agrément does itself say in its 2008 Assessment Report Numbers 08/4531 and 08/4532, “All available evidence suggests that the durability of Sarnafil membranes when used in accordance with the relevant BBA Certificates should have a life in excess of 35 years." Now that's something to raise the (ecologically conscious) roof over.


Sika Sarnafil, a division of the Sika Corporation 100 Dan Road, Canton, Mass. 02021 (781) 830-0351 • toll-free (800) 451-2504

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