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The Radiator Cozy Can Balance Heat in Every Apartment

Frank Lovece in Building Operations on April 14, 2020

New York City

Imbalanced heat, Radiator Cozy, heating upgrade, NYSERDA.
April 14, 2020

The Radiator Cozy, created by Brooklyn-based Radiator Labs, is a "smart radiator cover" that uses insulation, a small fan and computer-generated temperature controls to keep too much steam out of hot apartments and send more steam to cold ones. A third-party study on energy costs in 2018 found that the technology saved 25 percent on average in all buildings evaluated, with savings as high as 45 percent. If your building has chronic heat imbalance and at least 20 units, the minimum number Radiator Labs can do cost-effectively, here are seven steps to determine if the Radiator Cozy is right for your building:

1. Have an energy consultant evaluate your present heating system. Then optimize that system by making sure that your boiler is as energy-efficient as possible and that all valves, vacuum pumps, steam traps, controls, and other parts are operating at peak potential.

2. Have your energy consultant share your underlying energy data with Radiator Labs and arrange a walkthrough so the company can meet the board to explain the technology, answer questions, and address concerns

3. Have your energy consultant seek incentives from NYSERDA and any other government agencies that may offer them.

4. After contracts are signed, arrange for Radiator Labs to measure your radiators, since each Cozy is custom-manufactured. Some residents may not want one if they have their own radiator covers, or for other reasons.   

5. Arrange for installation in each apartment, and then set up the computer "dashboard."

6. Have Radiator Labs train your staff how to use the dashboard and in the basic mechanics of the Radiator Cozy components, chiefly the fan and the control board. Designate who among your staff, board and management will have access to the data, and who is responsible for making adjustments.

7. Enjoy not having to open your windows or wear parkas indoors during wintertime. 

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