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The Dog Interview

Murray Hill

Dog Interview
April 7, 2016

In the May issue of Habitat magazine, we’ll introduce you to a dog whisperer – a co-op resident who arranges for the dogs of prospective shareholders to sit for an interview with the board. The goal is to find out if the canine and the co-op are a good fit.

This can be a highly stressful moment – for both the dog and its owner. One prospective buyer in a Murray Hill co-op, owner of a rescue dog, had a slew of questions for the Ask Real Estate column in the New York Times: “How can we put our best foot forward? Should I warn the board ahead of time that she might act strangely? Or should I wait to see if it happens, and then deny that it’s ever happened before and promise to muzzle her if she does it again?”

The answer: Rather than deceive the board, get your dog ready for its moment in the spotlight. A few sessions with a dog trainer might be advisable. Make sure the dog has plenty of rest, food and water before the interview, to relieve stress. And be honest. “Answer any questions at the interview candidly,” advises attorney Maxwell Breed, “while conveying the warmth and enthusiasm that you obviously feel for your pet.”

Adds professional dog trainer Andrea Arden, “If you don’t feel like you and your dog can meet (the board’s) expectations, maybe you need to find another building.”

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