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A Legendary Recording Studio Bucks the Condo Trend

Written by Bill Morris on September 08, 2017

Midtown, Manhattan

Avatar Studios is sold and will live on as a pop music shrine.

Another dispute over access has landed neighbors in court.

First apartment sale in “the safest building in New York” since Inauguration Day.

Renovation of Fifth Avenue apartment is the source of yet another law$uit.

Noisy Sex

December 20, 2016


The noise complaint every co-op and condo board hates to hear.

Secret Service presence is the hot new “aminity” at Trump Tower.

Two-day conference showcases new energy technologies for co-op and condo boards.

Absentee owners of posh apartments are having trouble finding renters.

Congestion around Trump Tower already going from bad to worst.

More luxury condos coming to Billionaires' Row.

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