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Being on your co-op or condo board carries a lot of responsibility, liability, and, let's face it, headaches.

From building repairs and maintenance, energy upgrades, insurance, lobby redesigns, accounting and financing - the challenges facing co-op and condominium board directors are endless. In this series, Habitat Magazine editors interview New York City experts to learn how problems have been solved at their client co-op and condo buildings. We take a deep dive into the issues being confronted, the possibilities for solutions, the costs, the challenges, and the outcomes.

November 9, 2022
Season 1
Episode 4

Doing Double Duty On Your Roof

Roof space can be a lovely amenity in a co-op or condo, but it can also be used for solar to reduce your building’s carbon emissions. Tina Larsson, co-founder and CEO of the Folson Group, a business consultancy for co-op and condo boards, shares how an Upper East Side co-op in Manhattan managed to do both by making every square foot count. Tina Larsson is interviewed by Bill Morris for Habitat Magazine.

In New York City, Con Edison steam is the most expensive form of heating and cooling buildings. Co-ops and condos are choosing to go from steam to natural gas and electricity not only to slash their energy bills, but also reduce carbon emissions and avoid paying fines under the city’s Climate Mobilization Act. Michael Scorrano, managing director and founder of En-Power Group, explains how one co-op made the switch.
Michael Scorrano is interviewed by Carol Ott for Habitat Magazine.

October 9, 2022
Season 1
Episode 2

Water, Water Everywhere

Whether it’s caused by aging facades, construction defects, faulty pipes, or a roof that needs replacing, water leakage is a common problem for many co-op and condo buildings. Repairs need to be done quickly, but what’s a board to do if the leaks are caused by more than one issue? In this episode, Douglas Lister, president of the architecture firm Douglas J. Lister, explains what fixes should be tackled first, and what can be addressed later. Douglas Lister is interviewed by Bill Morris for Habitat Magazine.

September 12, 2022
Season 1
Episode 1

Boosting Efficiency: Plug Your Building In

As part of New York City’s Climate Mobilization Act, Local Law 97 places carbon caps on most buildings. Co-op and condo buildings are taking a close look at how to reduce their building’s energy consumption and carbon footprint — without going broke in the process. In this episode, James Hannah, managing director at Parity, an AI-driven energy management platform, shares how an Upper East Side co-op in Manhattan did just that. James Hannah is interviewed by Bill Morris for Habitat Magazine.

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