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After Pushback From Employers, Pay Disclosure in Job Ads Moved to Nov. 1

New York City

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April 29, 2022

Employers across New York City, including co-op and condo boards, will not be required to reveal pay scales in job ads until Nov. 1. The City Council pushed the May 15 deadline back after business groups argued they needed more time to prepare in today's difficult hiring market, Crain's reports. The amended bill is a compromise between those business interests and worker advocacy groups, which view salary transparency as a crucial step in closing current pay gaps across gender and race.

In addition to delaying enactment of the law, the compromise bill will: include hourly jobs, apply to businesses with four or more employees, cover most remote jobs if the employee is in New York City, give business owners 30 days to address a violation before facing a fine, and require a salary range on general hiring notices, even if not specific to one position.

What the council's Committee on Civil and Human Rights voted on Wednesday tries to strike a middle ground between the concerns of businesses and advocacy groups. Businesses get a delay and less strict penalties, while the so-called carve-outs to the amended legislation have been limited or removed.

"It is imperative to me that both New York City employees and employers feel they are fully heard," says Council member Nantasha Williams of Queens, who chairs the committee. "The feedback we received has been incorporated into the (bill) we are voting on today."

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