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State Pumping $250 Million into Westchester During Gas Moratorium

Westchester County

Westchester Gas Relief
March 18, 2019

With a moratorium on new natural gas hookups now in effect in Westchester County, the state is moving to soften the sting. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the Department of Public Service (DPS), and New York Power Authority (NYPA) have announced a $250 million infusion called the Westchester Clean Energy Investment Program. It will pay for clean-energy alternatives such as electric heat pumps, high-efficiency appliances, equipment and building materials that will lower energy costs for consumers and reduce demand in order to accommodate new customers.

The moratorium on new gas hookups was necessary because rising demand could not be met by gas delivered through the maxed-out pipeline that carries natural gas from the Gulf of Mexico to the northeastern United States, including New York City and southern Westchester.

The Clean Energy Investment Program includes: 

$165 million in grants from the Smart Solutions package that the Public Service Commission (PSC) recently directed Con Edison to deploy toward electric heat pumps and increasing gas efficiency for residential, multifamily and commercial and industrial customers. 

An additional $53 million in clean energy incentives and investments that NYSERDA will provide to Westchester customers.

$28 million will be used for grants for new customers, including low-to-moderate residential developments wait-listed by Con Edison for natural gas to use alternative heating and cooling systems and adopt energy-efficient solutions. 

An additional $32 million in low-cost NYPA financing services for its Westchester customers to retrofit heating systems with clean energy alternatives. NYPA is committing to provide energy audits and screenings.

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