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Co-op / Condo News: Labor, Litigation, Listings, and Lensing Legality

Concourse Village, Bay Terrace, 2 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza

July 22, 2013

Read all the latest co-op /condo news for buyers, sellers and board members in Habitat's weekly Monday News Roundup. Also included: Permanent archival links: If a link ever goes dead, you'll still be able to read the backup at


Co-op / Condo Buying, Selling, Living...

  • "Candid Camera, Co-op Style," on the legality of residents photographing or shooting video of people breaking house rules / bylaws, by Jay Romano  (The New York Times)

Co-op / Condo Board Issues...


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Concourse Village • Bay Terrace • Candid Camera • Closing Time • Manhattan Listings • Disclosure FormsNoisy / Neighbors / Leaky • Malpractice Suit • Trump Village

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