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Mitchell Lama Proposed Changes HPD Hearing Scheduled for March 14th 2023 Mar 08, 2023

Here are my comments on the proposed changes HPD will hold a Public Hearing Scheduled for March 14th from 10 am to 11 am

Manny Cartagena

Page # 3 paragraph # 7 – Require the Housing company to remove any of its onsite employees where any such employee has violated the Private Housing Finance Law and/or applicable rules and directives, consistent with any internal grievance procedures -I questioned whether this includes “Union Employees like 32bj ? ” Many are not familiar or knowledgeable in Private Finance Laws and Procedures including Management. I object to this unless adequate training or information is given to all employees prior to enacting it.

Page# 3 paragraph # 10 Require the Managing agent to notify HPD if the housing company makes payments to and /or incurs charges from any vendor or service provider that in the aggregate equal or exceeds $100.000 in any twelve-month thereafter prohibits further charges to be incurred without the prior written approval of HPD.

” I totally agree with this change and should be enacted without objection. Board Directors and the Managing agent need to be accountable for every expense authorized by them.

Where it reads: Prohibit the housing company attorney or account from serving as the election monitor.

I object to having the housing company’s attorney or accountant monitor the election instead of having an independent company handle the election process in its entirety.

Where it reads: In the event that any Director /Officer, Shareholder, employee, or agent of any housing company shall be directly or indirectly connected with any person, firm, or corporation which may submit any bid or to whom any contract is proposed or awarded shall be part of the minutes and submitted to HPD .

In favor without objection to this ruling.

I agree that all Directors go through essential training with HPD

I agree with the insertion to the website of the redacted Board contracts and essential information.

I agree with HPD’s having rate of pay and staffing information.

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