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Business of Management 2016

The business of management is a nuts and bolts operation that is very labor-intensive. There is a lot of bookkeeping, a lot of paper that is generated and signed, and a lot of capital work that has to be managed at buildings.

The survey presented in these pages will give you a good view of how the management industry operates: you can see how many people are employed at each firm and the capabilities and services offered. The data also reveals that the management industry, technologically speaking, has been slow to innovate.

Does this matter? It does, especially in an industry where it’s hard to recruit new talent. Of those surveyed, less than half offer the capability for online review of current financial information, and only slightly more than half offer documents and forms online.

The survey also shows that boards continue to hold most of their meetings in the evenings, with a majority of managers providing the agenda and taking the minutes. Most companies report that fewer than 20 percent of these meetings are held via conference call or online, both technological solutions that can boost productivity and ease of scheduling and attendance.

The six charts that follow provide a detailed look at each company’s operations. If a management switch is in your future this year, the survey offers a good place to begin your research.

Habitat's Business of Management Survey 2016 here.

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