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Airbnb, Again

We live in a 12-unit co-op. There seems to be, from time to time, new people with luggage entering the building. When I had management ask the suspected co-op owner for contact info for the people staying in apartment, the co-op owner became irate, and demanded the name of the person wanting this information. This owner, by the way, is a lawyer and has a history in the building of suing people and the board. He starts campaigns against people complaining about him. He’s trouble.

The building has been clear about airbnb and also has a guest policy (register names with management).

I still suspect something is going on because I still see people coming and going with suitcases.

How can this be handled, especially with someone who claims to be victimized?




Have the board president contact the co-op attorney pronto. That removes you from the equation, and the board’s attorney will know better than any non-attorney how to handle this. Especially if the potential opposing party is also an attorney.




Ned in Toronto, Canada:
I agree with Steven that you need to remove yourself from the equation. The board should send him a friendly “reminder notice” that guests in his unit need to be registered for safety and security reasons, and also to reinforce the rules around Airbnb. If it continues, that is when I would ask legal counsel to send a letter.




Thank you. After several lawsuits and overall “objectionable behavior” from the guy, I have learned to keep my distance. One must always be very cautious when expressing concerns about the guy’s behavior or seeing that he follows the same rule as everyone else. The biggest problem is the guy demands to know who is complaining! At first the board was speaking to him, but some members broke the confidence and gave him names, or at the bare minimum told him who “wasn’t” complaining. This time I went to management. Definitely the better way.

I guess I’m also asking how a small building deals with such a guy. He personally goes after those questioning his behavior or actions in the building. He’ll do this by making complaints about them, causing the board and management to go after them. It’s a vicious circle. I don’t even engage with the guy at this point … mostly in fear. I feel I shouldn’t have to live in fear.



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