September Issue Preview


There's gold in your sky! Solar energy is becoming easier and more affordable every day, and in the September issue, we show you the new neighborhood business model – if you can get everyone to pitch in. Plus, email is quick and convenient, but you may pay the price for that convenience with lawsuits and angry shareholders. And do you actually know how big your building is? The Department of Finance might not, and unfortunately for you, they're calculating your taxes. Find out more in Habitat's September issue!

ask the experts

Learn all the basics of NYC co-op and condo management, with straight talk from heavy hitters in the field of co-op or condo apartments.

Professionals in some of the key fields of co-op and condo board governance and building management answer common questions in their areas of expertise. Get advice directly from the experts with short videos on topics such as law, finance, boilers, fuel, lobby design, laundry room management and storage.