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State joins California in push to ban hydrofluorocarbons.

A Certificate of Liability Insurance is NOT Insurance

Written by Jason Schiciano on August 03, 2018

New York State

A common mistake opens boards to liability under the Scaffold Law.

East Side Access megaproject sees insurance costs balloon.

Industry pushback succeeds in preserving fees for “marketing” costs.

State legislature supports two-year extension of popular tax break.

Co-op and condo boards can be held liable in personal-injury lawsuits.

New lawsuit seeks to overturn new state regulations on "marketing" costs.

Solar Power Is Booming Across New York State

Written by Adam Janos on February 08, 2018

New York State

City’s co-ops and condos face challenges – and opportunity.

New Conflict-of-Interest Law Inflicting Confusion

Written by Paula Chin on January 22, 2018

New York State

Law seeks to shine light on boards but leaves numerous gray areas.

State Senate bill allows insurers to keep charging entertainment as "fees."

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