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New York Green Bank Could Go Nationwide

Written by Bill Morris on July 19, 2017

New York State

Bills before Congress would devote $10 billion to clean-energy projects.

New York Bucks National Trend to Curb Net Metering

Written by Bill Morris on July 12, 2017

New York State

Utilities are successfully lobbying other state legislatures to dim solar energy.

New study finds that Texas is tops for carbon emissions.

State regulators cracking down on title insurers’ “unscrupulous” fees.

Solar energy output has increased eightfold in the past five years.

Dog bites man, man sues board. Are you adequately insured?

New Bill Seeks to Speed Co-op Purchases

Written by Bill Morris on January 26, 2017

New York State

Co-op advocates describe proposal as “the start of a slippery slope.”

Lobbying by co-op advocates avoids a trip down a “slippery slope.”

Everybody Into the Pool!

Written by Tom Soter and Bill Morris on April 28, 2016

New York State

Now is the time to show your swimming pool some love.

A New York State law that went into effect Dec. 3, requiring all residential leases to contain a notice about the building's sprinkler system, appears to mandate that even co-op proprietary leases must be amended to reflect the language change. The new law also impacts leases offered by condominium homeowners renting their apartments as well as subleases offered by rental tenants and by co-op shareholders.

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