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Third-Party Guarantor Can Ease Co-op Sales

Written by David Berkey on November 26, 2019

New York State

Tenant Protection Law limits security deposits – for now.

Co-ops Seeking Protection From the Tenant Protection Act

Written by Geoffrey Mazel on November 07, 2019

New York State

Activists push back against law’s unintended fallout.

Proposed yearly pied-a-terre tax on rich homebuyers is revived.

New state law lifts veil of secrecy that protected LLC purchasers.

Number of solar and wind technicians will soar in the coming decade.

Add Religious Garb and Facial Hair to List of Employee Rights

Written by Andrew I. Bart on September 24, 2019

New York State

New law seeks to block another form of employer discrimination.

State Lifts Cap on Application Fees for Co-ops and Condos

Written by Bill Morris on September 18, 2019

New York State

Coalition forming to push back against new tenant protection law.

When an engineer examines a building or contractor starts work, they tend not to find pots of gold within the walls —they're much more likely to find hidden deteriorating. Shore Road, a 60-unit co-op built in 1927 in New Rochelle, N.Y., encountered this scenario. With two entrances — one at 485 Pelham Road, the other at 5 Circuit Road — a fairly small renovation project turned into a much larger endeavor.

The original project called for the upgrade of several balconies that sat along the front of the building. The initial contract was $100,000 for balcony repairs and a new coat of paint, but that figure has now become $350,000.

$280 million for storage of electricity for use during peak demand.

The Best Defense Against a Charge of Defamation

Written by Victor M. Metsch on February 21, 2019

Tarrytown, New York State

Truth and opinion have a place in board elections, malice does not.

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