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Gov. Cuomo hands a “huge victory” to co-ops and condos.

Is Your Co-op's or Condo’s Data Safe?

Written by Sue Treiman and Bill Morris on February 07, 2020

New York State

State’s new SHIELD law mandates electronic safeguards.

Public Service Commission to act on rate-hike request for gas and electric.

Blizzard of ADA lawsuits among the worst in U.S.

The Disaster Assistance Equity Act is now before the U.S. Congress.

Third-Party Guarantor Can Ease Co-op Sales

Written by David Berkey on November 26, 2019

New York State

Tenant Protection Law limits security deposits – for now.

Co-ops Seeking Protection From the Tenant Protection Act

Written by Geoffrey Mazel on November 07, 2019

New York State

Activists push back against law’s unintended fallout.

Proposed yearly pied-a-terre tax on rich homebuyers is revived.

New state law lifts veil of secrecy that protected LLC purchasers.

Number of solar and wind technicians will soar in the coming decade.

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