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Board and management got ahead of the curve – and hope to stay there.

Chelsea Condo Board Flips Apartment, Pockets $650,000

Written by Bill Morris on March 18, 2020

Chelsea, Manhattan

Board exercised its right of first refusal on an under-priced unit.

A Way to Avoid Seeing a Red Tag

Written by Marianne Schaefer on May 08, 2019

Chelsea, Manhattan

Gas “bottling” lets workers repair leaks without a costly shutdown.

Works orders and more will be integrated with current accounting system.

The Vermeer Responds to Chelsea Water Main Break

Written by Bill Morris on January 24, 2019

Chelsea, Manhattan

A property manager uses communication to help a co-op through a disaster.

Large crowd honors co-op resident who fought for human dignity.

How the Vermeer replaced 3,000 windows with minimal disruption.

The High Hurdle of Co-op to Condo Conversions

Written by David Bogoslaw on November 29, 2017

Chelsea, Manhattan

Many co-op shareholders and boards want to go condo. Easier said than done.

Savvy Manager Cuts Cost of Elevator Job in Half

Written by Adam Janos on October 04, 2017

Chelsea, Manhattan

Self-managed Chelsea co-op doesn’t accept the first bid it receives.

Lawsuit filed after a therapy dog “viciously” mauls a much smaller canine neighbor.

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