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In a reversal, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac move to make lending more transparent.

Challenges Associated with Mixed-Use Condominiums

Written by Howard Schechter, Partner, Armstrong Teasdale on December 07, 2023

New York City

A nuanced understanding of mixed-use condos and their legal frameworks is important in order to deal with the challenges that can arise in hybrid buildings. 

A new report reveals that there's more than one way to cut building carbon emissions.

Middle-class co-ops and condos are squeezed by rising costs and unfunded mandates.

Co-op and condo boards will now have an easier time complying with Local Law 97.

Can the board mandate home inspections? The answer is in the governing documents.

Navigating Co-op Trust Transfers

Written by Mindy Stern on November 23, 2023

New York City

Transferring a co-op apartment to a trust is a complex process.

Massive Missouri lawsuit on brokers' fees is roiling the New York real estate market.

A green electric grid and affordable electricity are both within reach.

There are places to turn for help when an elderly resident suffers from impairment.

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