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D&D Elevator
38 Hayes St.
Elmsford, New York 10523

Providing Secure Elevator Solutions

Serving the greater NYC region, D&D Elevator is a leading, long-established company with a history of long-term relationships built on customer confidence and the highest levels of service performance. Our staff is always available 24/7 and immediately responsive to all emergency and routine needs. We strive to know all our customers by name and place primary value on personal relationships, accountability, and reliability. 

D&D Elevator’s areas of expertise:

  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Violation Removal
  • Modernization / Equipment Upgrades
  • New Construction           

Do your elevators stop accurately and consistently when they arrive at a floor?  If not, the problem is probably the result of an obsolete Single Speed A.C. Elevator Controller still in use. Addressing an elevator’s poor leveling ability sooner than later will reduce injuries and the building’s legal exposure to a trip & fall lawsuit, in addition to NYCDOB code compliance issues.  We stand ready to serve the needs of Co-op and Condo properties and the riding community.           

D&D Elevator offers a FREE MAINTENANCE EVALUATION of your elevator equipment.                      

Contact our Sales Team at 914-347-4344 to set up an appointment.

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D&D offers a free full maintenance evaluation of your elevator equipment. Simply visit this page, complete the brief Request Form and we will contact you to arrange an appointment at a convenient time.

At D&D, we believe in – and strongly recommend – continuous, scheduled maintenance of your elevators, to protect your equipment, and, most importantly, to prevent costly future breakdowns. It’s all about peace of mind: with D&D’s code-complaint maintenance service programs, you are assured that your elevators are always well-maintained and operating at the highest level of SAFETY. This is a major priority for us while servicing your elevators.

 Our comprehensive modernization process includes:

  • Creative project scheduling to minimize down time
  • Proven quality manufactured equipment
  • Custom interiors and finishes
  • Professional installation adhering to strict code and safety requirements
  • Permit filing and acceptance testing
  • In-house engineering services to provide a proper/seamless product

The performance and appearance of a modernized elevator can significantly add to the value and “rentability” of your property, while enhancing the comfort, confidence of the building’s owners and helping to retain existing tenants. Upgrading the look of your elevator with an aesthetically pleasing new cab interior makes it much more welcoming for passengers. Unto itself, it’s a pretty good (and likely profitable) reason to consider Modernization.

Every Building Owner/Manager should be kept aware of the changing regulations and code updates being enforced by their towns and cities. As a D&D customer, you are continuously notified of new enforcement rules and violating conditions so that you can make educated, well-informed decisions for the property you own or represent. We work with you to ensure the safety of your passengers.
D&D has an “in house” Violations & Testing division, doing work including but not limited to state-mandated Category 1 and Category 5 testing. We work with third party companies, DOB and Licensed Inspectors to streamline the process for you. 

Discover an ongoing, compelling collection of suggestions, guidance and tips of extreme interest and relevance to the property owner and management community. Includes notices of upcoming code compliance deadlines, how to care for your elevators during the various seasons of the year, and much more.  You’ll want to visit here regularly for always the most up-to-date information!

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