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Bright Power, Inc.
11 Hanover Square, 21st Floor
New York, NY 10005

Bright Power is the premier provider of energy and water management services for cooperatives, condominiums, and property managers.

Bright Power works with shareholders, board members, and property managers to develop a strategy to tackle energy and water inefficiencies for each cooperative and condominium. We find savings opportunities, analyze their value, and help you plan improvements according to your budget. Not to mention we find local incentives that help minimize upfront installation costs.

From utility bill analytics down to the nuts and bolts of making physical improvements to buildings, Bright Power does it all.

Jeffrey Perlman, Founder & President

Darren Johnson, Senior Account Manager, Cooperatives & Condominiums -

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By having all your energy and water management solutions under one roof, projects are completed on time, on budget, and with savings, benefiting current shareholders and attracting new ones. Learn more about Bright Power's integrated solutions for cooperatives and condominiums.

Learn how the Green Committee at Park Terrace Gardens, a co-op in Upper Manhattan, used a local energy law compliance obligation to identify energy and water savings opportunities.

Read about The Grinnell, a Washington Heights HDFC co-op, where the Green Committee and Board worked with shareholders to install community solar, a program that extends power -- and savings -- to shareholders’ electric meters.

Learn how cooperative shareholders and condominium owners can take advantage of a new kind of solar installation that benefits both the corporation and shareholders.

Learn about MoBIUS® (Management of Building Information, Utilities, & Systems), which utilizes real-time energy monitoring and continuous commissioning to diagnose and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

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