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HOW TO: Get Some Insurance Status 

Scott Greenspun

Principal, Braverman Greenspun


If a serious problem is discovered during the course of a facade inspection, a building has to put up a sidewalk shed immediately or it will face significant fines. The most common practice is for the shed company to give a certificate of insurance and for there to be a one-page proposal. 


Often the shed contracts are just form proposals that don’t provide for insurance for the building and don’t provide for the building to be indemnified.


Beware that a certificate of insurance is really just a piece of paper that discloses the types of insurance, the carriers and the limits of liability. It is issued by a broker. 


Listen up when you get the proposal from the shed company. The important thing to do is to make sure that that proposal specifically states that the building will be named as an additional insured. That will then constitute the written agreement that will invoke the additional insured status.

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