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Weathering the Storm: Co-op Renovates its Hurricane-Damaged Laundry Room

Kathryn Farrell in Bricks & Bucks on August 15, 2012

Freeport, Long Island, Ocean Harbor View Apartments

Laundry Room Ocean Harbor View Apartments
Aug. 15, 2012

The large, seafront cooperative, which sits on the corner of Front Street and South Ocean Avenue,  had not had any major renovations performed in at least two years, reports board member Ellen Fox, but there was little concern about the job since manager Sue Duffy, who works for Einsidler Management, had experience in laundry room renovations.

Duffy handled planning and supervision of the job, working with board president Mary Ann Black. “It went smoothly,” reports Fox. “Mary Ann gave us a report.”

The major change was to switch from a coin-operated system to one using smart cards. The board’s chosen vendor, Automatic Industries, included complimentary $10 cards to help shareholders make the transition while waiting for the card machine to be installed. 

In addition, a large Wascomat front-loading machine was included, along with a smaller front-loading and two top-loading machines. “The shareholders used to have to send out comforters and large items,” says Fox, but a new machine big enough to handle those heavy-duty loads was a major factor in getting the shareholders on board with the renovation.

The building’s decision to hire an outside company was a major change for the property. Previously, the co-op had owned the machines and handled all the collections itself.

The change means fewer headaches for the board since the building is no longer responsible for the care and feeding of the machines. Under its lease, Automatic is responsible for their maintenance and does not charge the co-op for installation. The co-op pays only for the water and electricity used to run the four washers and four dryers and receives a portion of the money Automatic collects.


Freeport, Long Island


Property Taxes

Estimated Market Value: $4,351,100

2012/13 Taxable Value: $42,924

Recent Sales

2/25/12: $139,999

2/25/12: $169,900

12/8/11: $149,999

The Vision Thing

Getting every shareholder to agree to any kind of renovation can be a trial, but the board at Ocean Harbor View Apartments managed to do just that. And it’s even more impressive given the nature of the building. “It’s a very diverse community,” says Fox. “There are single people of various ages, to senior citizens, to people who are making their first home purchase. We have a young professional crowd, and lots of cops and firemen.”

It’s easy to see where the young people might be coming from. Located on the south side of Freeport, in Nassau County, the building is near the well-known waterfront area known as the Nautical Mile. With its abundance of restaurants, bars, and shops, a community of mostly young professionals would be expected, but Ocean Harbor defies expectation.

“The area attracts young people because of the nightlife,” says Fox. Concludes building manager Sue Duffy: “it’s a good mix. Young, old, rich, poor, working people and retired. It’s people who like the southern end of Freeport. “

Building Investment


Cost: $0

  • Automatic pays for installation and maintenance and keeps a portion of the fees collected
  • Installed four new washing machines and four dryers
  • Upgraded laundry room from coin operation to smart card system


Automatic Industries

Sue Duffy, Einsidler Management

Mary Ann Black, board president 

Ellen Fox, board member

This project was started and completed on March 13, 2012.

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