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New-Construction Woes: How a Condo Dealt with a Leaky Three-Year-Old Roof

Upper East Side, Manhattan, 435 E. 76th Street

Danielle Court Condominiums


Upper East Side


Recent Sales

5/21/09: $540,000
  Property Taxes: $4,561

4/24/08: $740,000
  Property Taxes: $4,725

10/15/07: $3,035,000
  Property Taxes: $28,873

The Vision Thing

Kevin Kurimsky was only the second owner at 435 East 76th Street (a.k.a. Danielle Court Condominiums) when the newly constructed, 26-unit condominium association opened for business in 2003. And he laughs when a visitor dubs him “Mr. Danielle Court Condominiums.” But it’s no joke: Kurimsky, a software salesman by trade, is an activist leader, serving as president of the seven-member board since 2003 and constantly pushing new ideas to improve the quality of life — and everyone’s investment — in the property.

“It’s a boutique building. People stay for a while. We have made cosmetic and secure improvements; we have kept our common charges low while protecting the integrity of the building. My vision is to stay on top of everything that needs to be done to keep the building fresh. I don’t want to live in a stale place.”

He points to the doormen, on duty regularly and a rarity in a property of this size; the landscaped courtyard in the back, open to all residents; the electronically controlled sliding doors leading into the modernist lobby; and the renters, who — unlike transient lessees in other condos — stay and get involved in the community.

“Everyone loves it,” he says, adding with a laugh: “I’m told that if you’re constantly re-elected, you must be doing something right. We’re doing just fine.”

Building Investment


Cost: $235,000

  • Completely new Kemper roof
  • “Down-to deck,” with a full 20-year NDL warranty
  • Funded through special assessments


Zaskorski & Notaro Architects
Basonas Construction Corp.
Jeff Heidings, Siren Management Corp.
Kevin Kurimsky, Board President

Began in October 2011 and scheduled for completion in February 2012.

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