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All About Secondary Glazing

Russell Eisenberg


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Indow window inserts easily press inside existing windows to improve performance at a fraction of the cost of window replacement. The inserts are framed in our compression tube to create an airtight seal, blocking drafts and noise while improving efficiency and comfort. Our measurement software ensures a perfect fit.

Kathryn Foster, Brand Communications Manager

Windows Introduction
We need to replace our windows. What is secondary glazing, and what does it offer us?
Residents complain of outside noise. Would secondary glazing address this?
What about energy efficiency? Does secondary glazing help?
What is secondary glazing made of, and how heavy is it?
How would we measure our existing windows to accommodate secondary glazing?
How difficult is it to install secondary glazing?
Our residents have window air-conditioners. How would secondary glazing work with this?
What is the cost of secondary glazing as compared to replacing our windows?
In terms of aesthetics, does secondary glazing come with different colored frames?
The Clean Fight NY selected your product as a high-impact, easy to adopt solution. What is this initiative about?